Tunnelworkings, Qliphotic pathworkings

Part 1 of 11

Dragon Rouge is now, for the first time ever, releasing sigils and Qliphotic tunnel workings which have been created in the Dragon Order during thirteen years time. We are releasing the first eleven tunnels which are connected to LIlith. The remaining deeper eleven tunnels are only distributed to initiates in Dragon Rouge.

WARNING! Qliphotic workings often generate very powerful energies and chaotic effects. The Qliphas have been called the excrements of the universe or fruits on the tree of death. They are associated with abnormalities and chaotic forces. The Qliphas will often bring powerful experiences of sexuality, death, lust and suffering and other paradoxical extremes. Do not work with the Qliphoth if you are psychically or physically unbalanced.

Thantifaxath, Tunnel 22, between Lilith and Gamaliel.

This tunnel or its Sephirothic equivalent does not exist in the original perfect Tree of Life before the Fall. This is the path down to the material level from the astral plane. On the original perfect Tree of Life before the Fall neither Malkuth - Lilith or the material plane existed. Instead, Man lived in an astral Garden of Eden which represented Yesod. Only when Daath fell from its original location was the material plane born. On the perfect tree, this path or tunnel linked Daath and Tiphareth. After man had eaten from the fruits of knowledge, Daath fell into the abyss and Malkuth - Lilith came into existence. The Tarot - key which corresponds to this path is the World (the Universe). This card illustrates the birth of the material plane. The woman in the card is the fallen Sophia or Schekina. This is the cosmic force Shakti which is manifested as Maya, the mother of illusions and duality. Sofia - Schekina -Shakti represents the knowledge Daath which is manifested from vision (Kether - Chokmah - Binah) to reality through force and action. This path or tunnel represents the stage when n idea finally is manifested on the material plane. This path or tunnel also represents the birth, when the child is separated from the body of the mother. The planet Saturn which corresponds to this level represents the principle that cuts the navel string. In the myths this is the final step when man is separated from God after the Fall. The descent from the astral level of Yesod to Malkuth represents the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. It is onthis level that Eve becomes fertile and gives birth to her child. Eve looses her astral virginity on Yesod and becomes the fertile mother Eve on the material level. The banished Eve who has become a mother belongs to Malkuth. She is the woman who through gives birth to a body from her body and is thus the principle of duality and matter. The opposite of Malkuth is Lilith, the dark shadow of Eve. She is not the mother but the slayer of children a representative of the phase of menstruation. Lilith does not give birth to physical children but uses the fertile force for magical ends. She absorbs the force from menstruation and the semen of men to direct it into the dark abyss. In the middle of this abyss is Lucifer. To ordinary people, Lilith is a vampire. But to the dark adept she is an initiator who leads the adept towards the dark illumination. Lucifer is an embodiment of the Drakon principle, the divine all seeing in which will and reality has become one. Thantifaxath is the tunnel which leads the force from the material plane to the dark astral worlds beyond the normal levels of creation. Thantifaxath does not run through the levels which are part of the normal creation. This is beyond the will of God and a step further away from God than the material plane. Through entering the Qliphotic tunnels, the magician is making the Fall deeper. While the paths of the light are trying to bring man back to a child state in unity with God, the Qliphotic paths leads away from God. This is a process of liberation, where man experiences a magical birth and passes from the state of man to the state of god. Thantifaxath represents the first steps on the dark magical alchemical process of giving birth to oneself. Saturn and the hebrew letter Tau which corresponds to Thantifaxath represents death and the end, but is also the gate to the second birth. The adept enters the matrix of Lilith and prepares to be born into the dark worlds beyond creation. The matrix of Lilith is the kingdom of death and to the common man this is the end, but to the dark adept the kingdom of death is the gate to be born as ones own creation. Thantifaxath corresponds to the letter T which symbolises the darkness, Saturn and Tau. The T sign is connected to the Greek Omega and both letters denotes the turning point where the womb, the matrix and the fallopian tubes. On Thantifaxath the magician might encounter vampires and other entities which are existing in the in-between zone between the dead and the living. Vampires has their soul in the dark astral kingdom of death on the Gamaliel Qlipha, but they are active on the material plane through Thantifaxath. They are living through the illusion creating moonbeams of Gamaliel and creates the illusion of being alive, though they belong to the dead. The legend that vampires can not survive in the sun or that they are not visible in mirrors comes from the fact that they are illusions. By their blood drinking and vampirising on other peoples energies, they can uphold an illusory existence. Their essence has been lost deeper in the tunnels, but they have stayed on the material level by getting energy and essence from their victims. The vampire sucks this essence on the erotic level. The vampire tries to suck in the energy that is released during orgasms and the vampire is often appearing as sexually attractive. The vampire is only Persona, it is only the outer shape of man or the mask. The vampire holds the persona or mask alive by sucking force from others.

Public persons and artists might become unconscious vampires who gives up their own existence and core to use it to feed the outer picture of themselves. They are feeding on outer confirmation and the energy that they receive from the surroundings and must constantly suck more energy to satisfy a growing inner emptiness.
Dark adepts can, on the other hand, use vampirism as a dark alchemy. The vampire, just like the alchemist, is someone who has reached immortality. The adept uses the erotic visions on Thantifaxath and the other Qliphotic tunnels to direct his energy into the dark spheres. The sexual energy is re-focused from the reproductive instinct to the process of self deification. The vampirism of Lilith is for the dar adept an initiation of the sexual energy, where the energy is directed from pure reproductive instinct to the draconian clear seeing. Eve represents the biological maternity and sexuality as reproduction. Lilith represents a form of sterile sexuality, directed towards self deification and pleasure. She is the mother of demons instead of physical children and she uses her erotic power for magical ends.

Tunnel Working - Thantifaxath


This visualisation can be practiced alone through memorising it or together with another magician who can guide you through it. You are at the foot of a verdant mountain which is lit by a hot after noon sun. On the mountain there are farms and you can see animals and people further away. The upper part of the mountain is covered with snow and you can not see its top which is above the clouds. You are walking on a path which is winding up to the north side of the mountain, which is not lit by the sun and you can not yet see its landscape. After having walked for a while along the path you are beginning to see the north part of the mountain, covered in shadows, in front of you. The terrain is steeper and more demanding with cracks, ravines and pointy rocks. You can not see any people here and the landscape is barren with over grown bushes with sharp thorns. The path turns and and you enter the shadows of the north side of the mountain. You see the sun disappear beyond the mountain and the path becomes cooler. A small snake crawls fast over the path and disappears into a hole in the mountain. You are curious and looks into the hole. The snake has disappeared and the hole seems to go far into the mountain. You can see a vague red light from the mountain and an aromatic scent reminiscent of oriental incense and blood can be felt. Suddenly, the snake comes out of the hole and bites you, to disappear into the hole as fast as it came out. You can see the mark of its teeth on your hand and you can feel an intense pain and dizziness spreading in your body. The pain feels as cold steel but soon becomes an euphoric feeling of excitement. You fall down in front of the hole and stares into it, numb in the body.
The hole in the mountain seems to be pulsating in a red light that grows in intensity. The red light pulsates out towards you in concentric circles and you experience how you are sucked into the hole which seems to be growing in size. The hole has become a tunnel which you can not see the end of. You are floating in through the tunnel. The tunnel has black walls which are pulsating in an intense red light. The tunnel is almost round, but from its roof and floor grows stalagmites and stalactites which resemble jaws, dripping with saliva. The walls are glittering as if containing metals or crystals and the walls are smouldering with the thick aromatic scent. You can no longer decide what is up or down in the cave and you are experiencing how you are falling down a bottomless hole. In front of you in the tunnel you can soon see the contours of a female body. A naked woman with long black hair can be seen further ahead in the cave. She is coming closer as the walls are pulsating in red. She is dancing ecstatically, an erotic dance. You can now see hear clearly. She is moving her lips in what can be either laughter or a scream. She is holding two bloody crescents and her body is covered in blood. The eyes are staring, but since they are totally black you can not see what she is looking at. Behind her you can see the end of the tunnel, first as a small point of light far away, but soon you see a flame-coloured circle that is slowly getting closer. After a while you realize that it is a full moon that is arising behind the woman and you are falling down an empty black space towards the moon. The moon appears to be connected to the woman and covered and dripping of the same blood that covers her. The blood appears to be the same pulsating red light that you saw in the tunnel. You are falling towards the moon until you are swallowed by its landscapes.

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